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Sketchdump #1 

» Some of many Hijack doodles

So I actually drew all of these way back in June, but never uploaded them for some reason. xD

I promised I’d upload some old sketches, so here’s a few of them.
I had plans to color them all in digitally, but that’s most likely not going to happen. xD So enjoy the rough sketches just as they are.

+bonus points if you noticed the lightning scars on Hiccup in the second one cause headcanons, yeah

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Winter Prince Night Jack Frost!

This was supposedly the outfit for the masquerade! (yes the one that was a billion years ago) Finally had the courage to upload it after cleaning the garbage lines I made. I even gave you a back view! 8D

Winter Prince post-future!AU (it may still be under  #whiteout  ?). He’s one of Manny’s knights and.. (hehe, get it? Night/Knight??? Heh..eh—yeah okay… ._ .   )

Arm/shin guards are black metal. Sides/back is weaved leather. The see-through stuff is either just sheer fabric or some cool pretend-shadow fabricated by Ombric. Frost decorates his chest, shoulders and arms.
Staff if completely frosted over, so it looks white.

And I left the stupid mask from the masquerade, yay!