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The argument between Hiccup and Astrid in ”Heather Report Part 1” might be painful to watch and not our favorite Hiccstrid moment, but I feel it’s really important.  For that reason, I am glad the writers included it in Riders of Berk.  The tensions are even more potent since it’s Hiccup who completely messes up - he’s not the perfect Dragon Master all the time, after all.  Crushing after Heather to the point of completely dismissing Astrid and even backlashing against her is a huge mistake on Hiccup’s end.  Granted, Astrid wasn’t responding nicely either, but she definitely had a point and reason to be angry at him.

Through episodes like these, we get to see a more rounded relationship between Hiccup and Astrid.  We watch the awkward scenes when they first fall in love, subsequent scenes when they’re in a relationship, the cheerful scenes when they tease one another, the exciting scenes when they’re in danger and fight for one another, the scenes where they confide in one another, and… the scenes where they don’t see eye-to-eye.  All in all, because of episodes like “Heather Report,” we get a very good look inside the life between Hiccup and Astrid.

But man just look at their facial expressions here.  Ouch. 

This kills me namely for the "Crushing After Heather to the point of completely dismissing Astrid" bit.

No. I 100% disagree. Hiccup wasn’t crushing after Heather (AT ALL), and Astrid had forced sympathy on her side.  Hiccup gets way too much flack in the Heather Report… from the viewers.  Astrid didn’t deserve Hiccup’s support then.  In fact, she was kind of being a dick from the character’s perspective.

Now is it important to show discord between them and how they handle certain situations differently? Yes. That is what made the Heather Report one of my top episodes.  Outside of it being one of the more IC/character-compliant episodes, it showed us how Astrid reacted a stranger on Berk (not well/only marginally reasonable) and how Hiccup reacted to a stranger on Berk (welcoming/arguably naively).

There was no “hiccstrid” here. These episodes were great because it showed Hiccup and Astrid’s differences as individuals and as decision makers. 

May I present a third opinion: whether you think Hiccup deserves the flak or not, this episode (or episode arc, I guess) is just plain terrible.

It’s the only episode I can’t rationalize in any way. Hiccup is so far OOC here it’s like he’s a different person. No, not because of any “crushing” on Heather, but because he’s acting stupid. Hiccup is many things, and he has as many faults as anyone else, but stupidity — this kind of frustrating, it’s-right-in-front-of-your-face stupidity — is NOT one of them. Hiccup is smart and observant, two characteristics that are completely lacking in at least the first episode of this set. Of course I think that it would be in Hiccup’s nature to welcome a seemingly desperate stranger (and I do think it would be in Astrid’s nature to be more suspicious), but this went WAY beyond naivete. This was outright, out of character foolishness.

I enjoy the series more than some people, but I can’t even watch “Heather Report.” It’s like it was written by people who deliberately set out to make the most face-meltingly frustrating plot they could come up with, and to make it work they had to completely warp Hiccup’s character to create a bunch of stupid drama between him and Astrid.

Do I think we ought to see discord between Hiccup and Astrid? Absolutely. But not at the cost of good writing and characterization. This was like a badly written fanfic.

See, this I also disagree on.  Hiccup was IC and not entirely stupid.

Hiccup doesn’t always make the right choice. (Going by the comments, it’s clear a lot of people didn’t feel like reading the links I provided, which explain both how Hiccup and Astrid were IC, so I’ll just break it down here.)

The problem was, the advertisements before the episode put this weird jealousy spin on things.  

Do we agree with Hiccup’s choices? No. I’d personally be somewhere in between how Hiccup and Astrid handled the Heather situation.  Neither were the best about it, but both were very well IC—particularly compared to the rest of the episodes.

Hiccup is not acting stupid.  He was not “in your face stupid”.  The audience knows the truth about heather.  Hiccup does not. Astrid does not. That’s the kicker. If you want to judge this episode, then erase the dramatic irony from it

From Hiccup’s perspective: 

  • This is a girl who needed help. This is a girl who was interested in learning about dragons.  Hiccup has faith in people and in peace. This is consistent. This is consistent.
  • The one-on-one interaction Hiccup had with Heather involved no flirting; it involved them geeking out in the blacksmith
  • Literally, Hiccup’s dream is to spread peace, and this is a girl from another village who is giving him hope
  • Consistent consistent consistent

From Astrid’s

  • This is a girl who has all the attention of the guys and it’s kinda weird
  • She doesn’t like that she’s feeding Stormfly
  • She doesn’t like that she’s looking through the Dragon Book when Hiccup isn’t around
  • She really doesn’t like that she has that focus on Stormfly
  • In fact, Astrid didn’t get really weird until Ruffnut made some weird Hen-house comment.  Thus bringing jealousy into the pit—but it wasn’t really on either Hiccup or Astrid’s mind.
  • Remember Astrid being suspicious of Hiccup in the movie?  Not cool.  Now she’s being a bit uncool about Heather..
  • Astrid’s in the habit of jumping the gun. She’s got a good gut instinct, but she can be aggressive and unfair in following it
  • Hiccup’s learning this of her

Now when it comes together….

  • As soon as Hiccup had evidence Astrid was correct about Heather. 
  • Hiccup wasn’t against Astrid. There was no “I’m choosing her over you" here.  He believed her as soon as she gave him a decent reason to.
  • And that reason was still just her word, but now it was with something she’s actually seen.
  • Before then, Astrid was basically going on hunches. On just ill-will and dislike. “I don’t trust her”-based.  Which wasn’t good enough for Hiccup
  • I’m not saying Astrid deserved to be dismissed by Hiccup, but she needed a better argument than the one she had.  By Hiccup’s standards.
  • 100% IC. For both of them. 

Also bear in mind that Hiccup’s behavior (faith and stubbornness) is basically what happened in HTTYD2. People call him stupid for how he insisted on talking to Drago when I thought they did a pretty good job of showing this is what he does.

It’s this same stubbornness and faith that brought him the village of Berk, Eret, Astrid… 

Hiccup has a method that can be seen as right if it works and stupid if it doesn’t.  It’s a rather harsh magnifying glass people throw him under.  

So while I don’t necessarily agree with the decisions Hiccup makes, this is still totally Hiccup.  Heather Report nailed it when it came to showing the consequences of Hiccup’s methods, as well as his personality.

Seriously, sit down and watch the episode again.  I had my doubts about it too until I had to do the screenplay for it and watch it at a painstaking pace and pick apart the dialogue and actions.

The most IC two episodes we get, and the majority of people don’t like it because it threatened “Hiccstrid”.  And people approach it from the “Hiccstrid” angle, because it was advertised that way.  It’s a damn shame.

(I mostly love these episodes because Astrid is the most removed from Hiccstrid. I loved her and Heather’s interaction, from start to finish, the same way I loved Eret’s interaction with the both of them in the movie. You see a great development of friendship along with the character’s true personalities. I found the Heather Report to be a real treat for all the characters involved)

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A super girly and peppy blonde girl who wears bright pink dresses and skirts everyday is best friends with a quiet goth girl who of course sports all black clothing and big lace up boots. Someone jokes and yells to them “Hey look, a fairy and a vampire!” The blonde turns around and flashes a fanged grin and says “She’s human actually.”




This has been done before, I’m sure.